Sandy beaches, blue sea, and friendly sun are everything needed for perfect vacations. You might lack just beautiful mountains or forests. But Primorsko has everything. Besides, Primorsko beaches impress you not only with their mild and pleasant sand, clean water, and convenient access, but also with their length, and tidiness.

There are two main beaches in the city: southern and northern beaches. Everyone may choose the most suitable area for them. Southern coast is flat and quieter. The peninsula protects it from cold sea wind, thus, the water is warmer here. Surfers would like the northern beach more, for there are often large waves. There is clean water with no jellies, because of wind, in the sea.


In the southern part of the city, you may find the beach 700 meters long and 50 meter wide. This area is well landscaped area. The sandy beach is linked to the village with a suspension bridge across the river called the Djavolska River (the Devil’s River). It flows from the lake with the same name located below the sea level. You may enjoy beautiful mountains and coastline views on your way to the beach.

There are free and VIP areas on the southern beach. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, and tables in the VIP area. If you go farther along the beach, you will find the free area. It is the city beach where, commonly, many people are resting. If you go even farther, you will find the Youth Center territory.

Primorsko’s southern beach is sandy. The coast is flat, and the slope is not steep.


The northern beach is twice as large as the southern one. Its length is 1,5 thousand meters, and its width is 25 meters. Sand grains are larger here, thus, the water is always clean. The northern beach is far from the living area, and there are less people. It is preferred by surfers. This place is ideal for trainings because of waves and wind.



One more Primorsko beach is located near Perla residence. This place is located in 4 kilometers from the city. You may go there by “toy train” that goes from Primorsko to Perla.

All Primorsko beaches have well-developed infrastructure. There are rescue services and lookout towers where flags are installed informing if it is allowed to swim. In 1994, resort beaches were aarded with the “Blue Flag” for being environmental-friendly. The coast is always nice and clean that makes the leisure even more comfortable and pleasant.