Primorsko resort offers a whole variety of entertainments to everyone’s taste. Active holidaymakers will have the opportunity to choose among different aquatic and beach activities. Those who prefer to relax in a cosy restaurant or a cafe can enjoy many wonderful places on the coast.




In addition to being a perfect place to sunbathe and swim, Primorsko beaches are also ideal for practicing sports. Here you can find plenty of leisure activities, which can be accessed by anyone due to their low price.

Our guests can rent water scooters and paddle boats on the coast. They will be equally able to ride a motorboat or fly a powered hang glider. Are you keen on surfing? No problem at all! The resort boasts all that is needed for surfing: crystal clear water, big waves and strong wind.

Children can enjoy funny water activities. There is a big waterpark available, which makes a wonderful place for the whole family. Both children and adults will enjoy a whole range of water activities including water slides, artificial rivers, diving from springboards and swimming in artificially generated sea waves.

Besides, Primorsko has football pitches as well as handball, volleyball and basketball courts. Anyone who feels like playing beach volleyball will be able to do so on the coast. Tennis fans will enjoy a well-equipped tennis court. The guests who are fond of less active sports and games will have an opportunity to play billiard and ping pong. Moreover, a fitness centre with the most cutting-edge equipment is ready to welcome the guests. And a special SPA centre will take care of your beauty and health.


There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the resort. While walking along the coast, you can find cosy restaurants serving both ethnic and European cuisine. Small local restaurants with live music and ethnic cuisine occupy the basements of the buildings next to the hotel. The variety of meals and beverages will definitely make any mouth water. Indeed, the Bulgarians are excellent chefs.

Night life in Primorsko is associated with local clubs and disco bars. Both indoor and outdoor dance floors are present there. Lively music, huge multi-level dance floors, swimming pools and bars make a perfect setting for relaxation.

The variety of activities will leave everyone satisfied. There is all that is needed to feel comfortable and have fun. The time spent there will be rich in events, calm communication and new connections.