Bulgarian culture, national values and historical monuments are reflected by the many sights found in Primorsko. The town, like the other nearby localities, has a long history. You can find the ruins of ancient settlements on its outskirts. The hill called Volčanovo kale bears the remains of the ancient fortress town of Ranuli. They were preserved since the town was among the last settlements to be destroyed.

Within a ten-minute walk from Primorsko is the town of Kiten. It still keeps remnants of the ruined Urdoviza fortress. Built on the site of a Thracian settlement, it gained fame as a place where supplies for the besieged Troy were delivered. It is believed that the siege of Urdoviza mainly contributed to the fall of Troy.

From a bus station located in the very heart of Primorsko you can take a ride to the nearby historic sights. It will take you around twenty minutes by bus to reach Sozopol, the town famous for its architectural monuments and Roman sights. A trip to Burgas will take you about an hour. There you will be able to visit different museums and the Sea Garden.


Bulgarian hills shelter the famous Ropotamo Nature Reserve. You can go there by car. There you will see amazing rocky landscapes (“Snake Island”, “Lion’s Head”) as well as exotic nature and animals.

The migration route of some bird species goes through the reserve (Via Pontica), allowing tourists to witness this extraordinary phenomenon at a certain time of the year. Visitors can also travel along the Ropotamo river (reckoned as “Bulgaria’s Amazon river”) which flows through the reserve’s territory. Water taxis will take you to the river outfall.


This place is located at a distance of six kilometres from Primorsko. It houses a historic sight of Beglik Tash, a sanctuary of ancient peoples dedicated to the sun god. An ancient solar calendar is its centrepiece. Two stone circles are pierced by the sun rays, forming an unusual time calendar. It is especially interesting to observe it during the equinox and solstice.

The reserve is home to various species of fish as well as seals and dolphins. The place is also known for its amazing pseudo-fiords. Local scenes strike by their incredible beauty.

Primorsko resort also takes pride in its Perla dunes, Water Lilies reserve, Arkutino swamps and many other marvellous sights. The city of Plovdiv has the unique Trimontium theatre accommodating 3,000 people as well as an amphitheatre. If you take interest in Bulgarian folklore, you will definitely need to visit Strandzha villages such as Bulgari, Gramatikovo and Brashlyan. You will witness the original architecture and national traditions of Bulgaria there.

By seeing various local sights, you will be able to learn about the country’s distinctive culture. And you will experience many positive and vivid emotions.